Thursday, July 21, 2016

It's Been a Year - Sheldon Kinder Graduation

I feel embarrassed that it has been a year since I have updated this blog. The last entry was when Sheldon finished pre-school and he has now finished kindergarten.  Sheldon is doing well. Bronte and I are getting old, but we are doing well.  Cecil and Li are doing well, though growing wrinklier.

Here's a photo of Sheldon with Cecil on Father's day at their local park. You can see, Sheldon is handsome and Cecil isn't bad. Li is camera shy as she was without makeup that day.  I hope you are all doing well as I know I am doing really well.  -Mirabai.

Saturday, July 04, 2015

June - Graduation Weekend

Sheldon graduated from his preschool at the end of June. The next day, he went bowling with his buddy, Kai in downtown Castro Valley. The day after that, he went to visit this ship called USS Hornet, which is permanently docked in Alameda. For those those who don't know (Li didn't), USS Hornet is the aircraft carrier* that went out to sea, to retrieve the crew from Apollo 11** a long time ago. 

*aircraft carrier is a big ship has a runway that allows planes to take off and land in the middle of the sea. 
**Apollo 11 is the mission that landed the first people on our Moon.  

Sheldon and his buddies. Li made a candy lei for Sheldon but it looks like she's not the only parent who had this idea.
Sheldon in the middle of the top row. They graduates performed many songs.

CheeZu!  That's Japanese for Cheese! The peace sign is standard Japanese picture props.
The boys thought they were really shooting aliens. They hadn't realized quarters are required to play.
Ths USS Hornet is the ship on the left.
Replica of the capsule that seated the astronauts. Pretty cramped for three astronauts to ride for 3-4 days to get to Moon!
Cecil trying to explain this is a replica of the helicopter that few from USS Hornet to retrieve Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and that third guy no one ever remembers, from the sea.

Replica of the airtight camper the astronauts stayed in for 3 weeks after they landed on Earth. Just in case they brought back some moon disease.

Inside USS Hornet, downstairs where the soldiers lived.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Big Stinkin' Deal!

Once in a while, Li and Cecil like to make a big deal whenever Sheldon does something every kid eventually does.  Today, it was riding a bike sans the two little side wheels. Up until a month ago, Sheldon was riding a different bike with training wheels. Today, he hopped on this new (hand me down) bike and Sheldon took off. After they got home, they called the grandparents. Li and Cecil still kept talking about, replaying Sheldon's bike riding moves. Enough! I don't recall them giving me a second look when they saw that I could jump about 10 times my own height.  Now, that's real skills.

Cecil had Sheldon first ride on grass in case he fell, it wouldn't be as painful.
Then onto concrete.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Cecil celebrated Father's day with a magic show in Castro Valley. The magician's name is Alex Ramon and he was LV or at least Reno calliber! He came to CV to help fund raise for the CV high school performing arts department.

We didn't even know CV had a theater!
Li splurged and got front row seats. They've NEVER sat front row, anywhere! Why is Li still wearing her shades on her head?
Woah, a little too close. They saw up Alex's nostrils the entire show.
Cecil even got asked to check if the handcuffs were tightly fitted!

Cousin Ansel

Cousin Ansel came for a visit last month. Isn't he handsome and charming? Not only is he charming, he is so well behaved. The only moments when he didn't act so gentlemanly was when it was eating time. He scarfed down his food so quickly that I wondered if he ever gets food at his home. Ansel aspires to be a brain surgeon. Ansel and Sheldon were together every for 3 days.

Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley.

Kite Festival, San Ramon.
Li's new bathroom, Castro Valley.

Sather Gate, UC Berkeley.
Volcano Experiment, My Backyard. Mix baking soda and vinegar for the bubbly effect.