Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sheldon's 5th Birthday

Can you believe Sheldon is five? I can't either!  When I met Sheldon, I was six and now I am eleven! I've known him half my life!  Sheldon had a birthday party at home. As usual, since the house is so small, we're limited to inviting just a few families or the fire department will fine us.  Li invited a clown to celebrate with Sheldon and had the whole house decorated with a circus theme. Unfortunately, the clown's car broke down and had to cancel the appearance. Li's still debating if she should give a single Yelp star to the Clown service.

Backyard bean bag toss game. What a fun game and a way to see which kids can throw!
All the little ones! Sheldon's the 2nd oldest of this bunch.

Li was unaware she bought trick candles! Sheldon and Cole and Ethan had fun blowing them out, over and over  and over again.

Li's home made Photo Booth via a fuji polaroid!  She made the yarn wig hat and supplied the clown nose and mustache.

Sheldon's presents from the party. Kids are so lucky these days!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

The 25 Years Leap Forward - Bathroom Remodel

Li updated her bathroom over the last few weeks. The project was 25 years overdue as the bathroom had not been changed since it was first installed in 1990.  There were many changes and my favorite among them was the 22 inches of space she set aside to fit my litter box! 
Changes include: Double sink vanity was reduced to a single sink. Tub was swapped out for a shower. A fan was added along with 3 recessed lights and 2 sconces. The towel bar was switched to a teak towel ladder.  Linoleum was changed out to porcelain tiles that look like wood. The window was switched out for one that's about twice the size.
Still to be done: Shower door and window treatment.

Before bathroom. This actually wasn't Li's bathroom as she deleted all of her before pictures. This was someone else's exact bathroom she found on Zillow.

After bathroom. The tub was replaced with a stand in shower with tiles. The shower curtain will be replaced with a frameless glass shower door next week.

The bathroom window doubled in size and the frosted glass was replaced with clear glass.

Linoleum was swapped out for porcelain and subway tiles were added to just 1 of the walls. 

Check out the space on the left that fits my litter box! Now I can have some privacy too!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Is it Feb 2015 Already?

How is it already February?  If you think time is going by too quickly for you, just imagine that feels 7 times faster for cats and dogs! 

Here are some pictures to share, not in any particular order but I usually like to put myself before anyone else. 

This is a current photo of me at 11 years old. Aging well!
This is me over 10 years ago, in 2004. Cute!
Sheldon and I watching the storm pass.
Sheldon and I sunning to reach the perfect orange color.
Kai and Sheldon skating in Redwood City
Jasmine and Sheldon skating in Alameda
Cecil and Sheldon at Chinese school. Cecil's geared up for the obligatory Yard Duty.

Sheldon showing off his cropped pants and shirt clothing. He needs bigger clothes.

Sheldon and Cecil assembling the valentines card/candy/sticker goodies.

Thursday, January 01, 2015

December 2014

December was a good month for Sheldon. He raked in a bunch of goodies and saw many friends and family and also Santa! Li and Cecil had to tell Sheldon he wasn't getting any more gifts until his birthday, 4 months away.

Helllloooo Santa!  I have a list for you!

Sheldon received an iPhone (4s) for Christmas, yes, kids are thoroughly spoiled these days. Unfortunately, he only spent 2 days with his iPhone before Cecil put it away. Apparently, Santa gave him an iPhone on the condition that Sheldon sleeps by himself. And no, Sheldon was unable to uphold his end of the deal.
For two days, Sheldon behaved like everyone else, and stared at his iPhone instead of mingling.
Sheldon's Christmas Pageant performance. Can you find him?

At Joyce's Christmas Party.

Sheldon with Uncle Andy. Li must be an awesome photographer. The sun was behind their backs (look at the shadows) yet Li was able to get a perfectly lit shot. No dark faces!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Is This Okay?

Sheldon decided that Chia seeds look like some gravel play thing and dumped the entire bag out on table and brought out his construction vehicles.  Li and Cecil didn't even give him a spanking!  What's wrong with parents these days?  No punishment? No consequences?