Sunday, May 10, 2015

Believe It!

Sheldon is really sleeping alone and we have pictures to prove. The day he turned 5, he decided he would sleep alone and he stuck with it.  Every night he slept alone, he earned a sticker and when the sticker chart was filled, he would be able to go to Disneyland.  Does anyone want to take him to Disneyland? Li is offering the person money to take Sheldon.

Evidence of him sleeping alone. After he gets through sleeping alone, he needs to be taught how to pick up his room.

Sticker charts can't lie!  He really did it, 16 times!

Cecil reading him bedtimes stores.

Bathroom - Curtain and Shower Door

After searching high and low for bathroom window treatments, Li decided to make them herself. She found some cotton fabric at Joann and made one with her sewing machine.  It doesn't roll up and is only a single panel (yes, she was lazy) so you'd have to push it to one side to see the window. The shower door also got installed. Now we can say, the bathroom project all done!

Li was going for a vintage look. But this one ended up a little bit like a kitchen pattern.

I'm Li's micro manager. I tell her how many stitches to go.

The end result. It looks neat when the sun light comes through the pattern.

And here's the shower door. It was very needed because without it, the showers were breezy.

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! You can pretty much graph the progression of both people in the photos. Sheldon is getting bigger and older and Li's getting... wrinklier and older too. Too bad Li doesn't have fur like I do, which is useful for covering up all wrinkles.
2010: Sheldon was probably one month old here. Judging from both their squints, the sun was bright and high!
2011: Cloudy days tend to produce pictures with smooth skin, because there's no shadows.

2012: Li forgot to get dressed. Nice teeth, Sheldon!
2013: Li learned from 2012 that it's best to dress up for photos. Long shadows also produce pictures with nice skin. This was around sunset.
2014: Staying with the dress code.
2015: One trick to avoid looking older is to not zoom in the photo. But the best tip to avoid looking older is to take photos with people who are even older! 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hiking At Stanfurd

It was the perfect day to go hiking at Stanfurd. Sunny and low 70s. Jasmine, Chloe, and Sheldon hiked for about 3 miles and survived. Stanfurd Dish is the trail name, but be warned that there's not much parking and no bathroom facilities. You just have to hold it. 

Hm... which trail should we take?
Chloe using her mom's Selfile Stick.

Towards the end of the hike!

See the Stanfurd Dish at the left of the photo?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sheldon's 5th Birthday

Can you believe Sheldon is five? I can't either!  When I met Sheldon, I was six and now I am eleven! I've known him half my life!  Sheldon had a birthday party at home. As usual, since the house is so small, we're limited to inviting just a few families or the fire department will fine us.  Li invited a clown to celebrate with Sheldon and had the whole house decorated with a circus theme. Unfortunately, the clown's car broke down and had to cancel the appearance. Li's still debating if she should give a single Yelp star to the Clown service.

Backyard bean bag toss game. What a fun game and a way to see which kids can throw!
All the little ones! Sheldon's the 2nd oldest of this bunch.

Li was unaware she bought trick candles! Sheldon and Cole and Ethan had fun blowing them out, over and over  and over again.

Li's home made Photo Booth via a fuji polaroid!  She made the yarn wig hat and supplied the clown nose and mustache.

Sheldon's presents from the party. Kids are so lucky these days!