Thursday, January 01, 2015

December 2014

December was a good month for Sheldon. He raked in a bunch of goodies and saw many friends and family and also Santa! Li and Cecil had to tell Sheldon he wasn't getting any more gifts until his birthday, 4 months away.

Helllloooo Santa!  I have a list for you!

Sheldon received an iPhone (4s) for Christmas, yes, kids are thoroughly spoiled these days. Unfortunately, he only spent 2 days with his iPhone before Cecil put it away. Apparently, Santa gave him an iPhone on the condition that Sheldon sleeps by himself. And no, Sheldon was unable to uphold his end of the deal.
For two days, Sheldon behaved like everyone else, and stared at his iPhone instead of mingling.
Sheldon's Christmas Pageant performance. Can you find him?

At Joyce's Christmas Party.

Sheldon with Uncle Andy. Li must be an awesome photographer. The sun was behind their backs (look at the shadows) yet Li was able to get a perfectly lit shot. No dark faces!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Is This Okay?

Sheldon decided that Chia seeds look like some gravel play thing and dumped the entire bag out on table and brought out his construction vehicles.  Li and Cecil didn't even give him a spanking!  What's wrong with parents these days?  No punishment? No consequences?

Thanksgiving in Memphis

The humans spent Thanksgiving in Memphis so our neighbors came over to feed us twice a day for a week. They served us more food that what Li usually serves us so Bronte and I put on a few pounds. Li might have to exchange my Christmas photo sweater for a bigger size. Here are some photos of their trip. Lots of family and cousins.
Now that Sheldon is older, he is much better on flights. Give him an iPad and he's on his way!

Sheldon took this photo with Li's big Nikon camera. Not too shabby except that the view point is slightly low.
This is Oxford, Mississippi. Nana, Sheldon and Cecil.

This is at the Memphis Zoo, inside a photo booth. Li had them seated and took a photo with her own camera...for free!

All the cousins! Reminds me of a Friends TV series pose!

Sheldon at the Pink Palace museum. He's the same size as Lucy!

Instead of the typical crayons and coloring pages, Sheldon and Lilly were given pizza dough to play with!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

School Project - Self Introduction

Sheldon's first school project is to do a presentation about himself. That means it's Li and Cecil's first project too. Li did a summary of Sheldon's favorite activities and Cecil did one on places he's visited. Thank goodness we have this blog so we can copy the pictures! Between printing, cutting and taping, the project took nearly 3 hours to complete! Next time, Li and Cecil will have to think of a less time consuming method. Cecil wants to save these craft and hope that there's a need to reuse these in Kindergarten!

Sheldon likes to...

Sheldon's been...


Now that Li takes most of her photos on her phone, and she doesn't save those pictures to her desktop, there's not many pictures to post on this blog! October was a quiet time. Sheldon's Grandpa Ah-Gong came to visit for four days. Sheldon's settling in his new pre-school grade, and he's accepted the reality that his Chinese school is a must. 
Sheldon, Ethan, Chloe, and Jasmine in Sausalito. It's clear from this picture which child take dance! The pointed toes is a giveaway.

Li made matching seat cushions for Sheldon's high chair and Li's new kitchen stool.

Sheldon inside a cell at Alcatraz.

Sheldon and Grandpa Ah Gong at the Alcatraz Prison exercise yard.
Sheldon and his fellow Chinese school students.

Li did a practice run with Sheldon at home for his school picture. Strike a pose!