Friday, June 27, 2014

Sheldon's Alaska Experience - Part 2 of 2

Since Sheldon is only 4 and won't remember any of this trip, his folks didn't want to spend any money on him to take side trips out of Fairbanks (example, Denali Park, Artic Circle). Instead, he got to stay local and be local.
Sheldon's trip began on BART. Ever seen a person bring his own seat on the train?
Due to 23 hours of daylight, Sheldon quickly learned to cover his eyes to sleep.
There really is a city called NORTH POLE and there really is a Santa there ready for photographs! I love his yawn!

Sheldon, cousins and friends arrived 30 mins too late for a tour of the Large Animal (Bison) Research Center.They played on the old rusted tractor instead.
A behind the scenes tour of the Sport Fish Hatchery. A hatchery is where fish is raised.The Alaska government is so wealthy, it grows fish to stock the rivers and lakes for sport fishing!
Train ride at the Pioneer's Park. They were the only customers on the train on this rainy day.
Sheldon watching a plane land in water from a river boat cruise. The average age of patron was 70.

Li broke her custom of not buying souvenirs (except for Christmas ornaments) while traveling. She couldn't resist this locally-made, native lady pillow. The cashier actually loved it so much herself, she asked to take a photo of the pillow. Then Uncle Andy offered to pay Li 50% above the sticker price for the pillow. Sorry, not for sale.

Canoeing at Chena Lakes.
While Li and Cecil took a side trip, Sheldon camped for 2 nights
with his cousins in a big tent, in Aunt Heidi's playroom.
Sheldon & Co. tried their luck at panning for gold. Panning means put the
rocks inside the pan and shake the pan for a long time.
Sheldon holding what he thought was a gold nugget in his chubby hand. It was not.
If you zoom in closely, you'll see about 7 specs of real gold. It's worth about $9 dollars.

Sheldon's Alaska Experience - Part 1 of 2

I am not sure what Alaska means but if I had to guess, it means "big" in some language. Sheldon and folks spent 10 days in Fairbanks, Alaska where they encountered many big items.  PS. Alaska is 2.5 times the size of Texas.

See the super sized ant next to the Hot Wheels?

Pretty large geese!

Grandpa Fitz's 10 acre big back yard!

Li's gigantic homemade cake by Aunt Bronwyn's sister!

Dandelion on Steroids.
Several big skulls (whale?) just hanging out in the lot at the U. of Alaska.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Where's Bronte?

Most people have never seen Bronte.  She does exist. Every morning, when Li's having coffee and stretching on the living room floor, Bronte shows her face. It's like a cameo appearance because after 5 minutes, she disappears again and reappears the next morning. Can you spot her in the photo?


No Fear

Is fear a good thing or bad thing?  Sheldon just finished his swimming lessons (8 lessons total for 30 minutes per session) and he hasn't learned how to swim, but he did learn to ditch his floaties and ditch any sense of fear. Today, his instructor asked him to jump off the diving board. This was Sheldon's first jump and he showed no fear. The instructor said to jump on a count of three... and Sheldon jumped at just one.

Here's the short video.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Hard at Work - Landscaping

It is so much work (money, time, labor, water) to maintain our yard. It took multiple weekends and trips to Lowes to replace the dead plants in our front yard. We'll see how long these new plants last. Hopefully, since we finally put some effort into landscaping, our neighbors can stop giving us the stink eye.

Total bags of mulch bought? 24 bags.  Bags still needed? 6.

It took about 4 green trash bins to fill up the dead plants.

We selected these plants because they require very little water.

Sheldon watering with a squirt gun.