Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Chinese School

Sheldon started Chinese school. He hadn't wanted to go but Li explained to him that it's like Harry Potter going to Hogwarts except instead of learning magic, he's going to learn Chinese. Sheldon was convinced. Let's hope it goes well!

It's easy to spot Sheldon in his Chinese school. Hm... I wonder why?
Cousins Ryan and Roger taught Sheldon how to write his own last name in Chinese. The word looks like it needs to drink some V8.

Cousins - Inseparable

Cousins Ryan and Roger came for a quick 10 day visit in August. The three of them were inseparable the whole time. Whenever Ryan and Roger are here, Sheldon doesn't want anything to do with Cecil, Li, Bronte or me. 
Li gave them each $10 to shop at Toys R Us. They were in there for 45 minutes and couldn't find any desirable toys for under $10. They love inflation.

Ryan and Roger are on a swim team back home. Sheldon has yet learned how to float.

E.T. movie. Wake up Sheldon!
Ryan and Roger take real golf lessons. Sheldon...swings his golf club like a baseball bat.

Sheldon pretends to Ryan that he can't put on his own socks. Ryan is helping Sheldon wear his socks.  There's a sucker born every minute.

I bet you people with 3+ kids don't go to Starbucks for a Scooby snack. The three of them cost Li about $20!  We all love inflation.

Sunday, August 03, 2014

July with Friends

July came and went. We hosted a couple play dates at home and met up with various friends at the parks.

Sheldon showing his Hot Wheels to a new neighborhood kitty friend. She looks to be a torbie cat just like me!
Alex and Sheldon at a CV park. They played at a watering structure and Sheldon spent the next 5 days sick with fever. No more water parks.

Jasmine and Sheldon in the backyard.
Chloe and Sheldon at a SF Presidio park.

Sheldon and Sarah and friends at the SF Presidio park.

Sheldon at Edward's 6th birthday party. Sheldon needs a haircut.

New Water Conservation Law

There is a new law to punish water wasters in California. If you get caught wasting water, you can get fined up to $500! We've been pretty careful about not wasting water. For example, Li's been told by Cecil to cut back on her showering time. They both reuse water by saving water that's leftover from washing fruits and veggies and then watering plants with it. Li only fills my water bowl to half the normal amount while Cecil waits until the water bowl is nearly empty before filling the bowl. I guess any effort is good effort.

They water near dusk so that water doesn't evaporate.

They water closer to the plants so that less water is wasted into the rocks and pine bark. That tree looks dead anyway so not sure why they are bothering with that one.

Projects Around the House

July was a peaceful month around the house. It was especially peaceful for 4 nights when Cecil went out of town for work and Sheldon was sent to grandma's so Li, Bronte and I could get some beauty rest. During this time, Li made some more of the noise reducer things to seal the gap under the door and she read two Harry Potter books.

Cecil took Sheldon's door thingy so Li made a camouflage one for Sheldon.
Li made this blue and gray floral one for her room and she now sleeps like a baby.

Sheldon likes to build these unstable primitive looking pillow caves and strangely, I like to be in them!